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Jeet Khimani

Who am I?

I’m a persistent Product Manager with a background in Computer Engineering. I've developed skills in this domain and aim to become a tech leader. I'm Adaptive, a Quick learner, Persuasive, and a Leader. I like to read non-fiction. My favorite book is "The Richest Man in Babylon". I recommend it to all the youngsters to read it once. I also like to read comic books but don't ask me to pick my favorite. The fun thing about me is I talk long walks to water bodies along with listening to music to find peace and meaning in life. I can brag about being a pro at Mario Kart. I'm curious and I'm proud of it because it helps me gain knowledge and information about things including and excluding my domain.

This is what I consider my biggest achievement.

Completed a certificate course on Business Analytics from Harvard Business School online. Where I...

Created a normal distribution and confidence intervals to study sampling and estimation of any data set

Performed Hypothesis Testing on Amazon's website by identifying Type I and Type II errors

Used forecasting and regression analysis principles to study single-variable linear regression for completing Disney's Forecasting Home Video Unit case study

Studied multiple regression theories, including the multiple regression equation and analysis, and finished a case study on the staffing issue at Caesars Palace

This is what I'm proud of.

Working as The President of Student Affairs Committee at Indus University during my undergraduation.

The position of President of Student Association at Indus University goes to the student who has top grades, is a leader, and team person, has excellesnt communication and interpersonal skills, and is able to achieve set goals. During my 3rd year at Indus University, I was chosen for this most coveted post. Among various duties and responsibilities, I was entrusted with the task of organizing and conducting our annual technology symposium which had more than 1200 participants among 65 different events.

Managed Student Volunteers


USD worth of sponsorship



Hear from the people I have worked with

Maulik Dhanesha

Managing Director at Crest Coder

I managed Jeet directly during his tenure at Crest Coder, and I must say he is exceptionally hardworking and has a customer-oriented mindset. His communication skills, adaptability, & technical acumen with customer advocacy made me position him in a cross-functional role where he did work across teams as a business development associate, along with other senior managers, & an international sales executive. His solid curiosity to learn and his audacity to explore challenges, following calculated data-driven decisions with due consideration of risks, along with his sincerity & perseverance have helped him grow throughout his journey. I wish him luck! He earns my recommendation that he would be a good fit for any company that hires him.

Harmit Patel

MS in Industrial Engineering from Dalhousie University

Jeet is hardworking and very smart, gives 100% to the task assigned to him, and is a quick learner with guidance. I had the pleasure of working with him under SAC and was amazed looking at him working day and night until he finished all the assigned work. His skills in handling multi-teams at a time are incredible, and he manages people in a very subtle way. I would work with him again if given a chance. I recommend him to any company for his team handling and hardworking skills.