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Decoding Products: Slack (Product 5)

Team Communication

Slack is the short form of "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge." It began as an internal tool for Stewart Butterfield's company, Tiny...

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Decoding Products: Netflix (Product 4)

Media Streaming Platform

In 1997, who would have thought that a 70 feet screen in theatres won't remain the biggest entertainment source but...

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Decoding Products: Zipcar (Product 3)

Car Sharing

This post is about zipcar's story from owning one car in Cambridge to owning thousands across North America. Started in early 2000 by Robin Chase, Zipcar was...

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Decoding Products: Oculus VR (Product 2)

Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus is a line of virtual reality headsets designed for gaming, education, and entertainment. It provides...

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Decoding Products: Reddit

Social Website

I recently saw a tweet that stated, "If you want to find startup ideas, go to Reddit"; the ideas people share and discussions that happen on those are worth reading. Sometimes...

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King of numbers: Instagram

Social Media

The most used app on most of our mobile phones will be Instagram. Watching reels and checking DMs will soon be considered a hobby, Just Kidding...

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Mini Case Study: Microsoft's Agile Success Story

Technology Company

Microsoft’s transformation from Waterfall to agile started as early as 2008 when Aaron Bjork, began experimenting...

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