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Decoding Products: Netflix (Product 4)

  • Media Streaming Platform

In 1997, who would have thought that a 70 feet screen in theatres won't remain the biggest entertainment source but you will be able to carry it around in your pocket? From 1997 to 2023, 26 years of Netflix streaming thousands of movies and shows.

Netflix originally operated as a US-wide DVD rental service. Their idea was to let users request DVDs via their website and receive them in the mail. They rapidly saw a rise in their customer base after adding ratings and recommendations to their website. This led to the introduction of a subscription model where people can buy a yearly membership and rent unlimited DVDs with no rental fees. With more than 6 Million subscribers in 2006, Netflix became profitable. In 2007, Netflix started streaming movies and shows partnering with several companies, and became the most successful streaming platform.

The product design of Netflix involves the process of creating and designing the user interface, user experience, and overall functionality of the Netflix streaming platform. Some of the product design principles Netflix is built upon are:

-User Interface
-Cross-Platform integration

User Interface is what plays a vital role for a product like Netflix. Original content and seamless streaming add the cherry on the cake.

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